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Ellen and Portia in LA

dailymail.co.uk reports: "They were in town to attend a friend's self-help book launch on Thursday, 15. May 2014.

They have been married for six years. But on Thursday, Ellen DeGeneres, 56, and partner Portia de Rossi, 41, looked more in love than ever as they attended a friend's book launch in Beverly Hills on Thursday."

The pair were dressed smartly for the occasion with Portia wearing a black suit and matching tie.

Ellen's winning formula of her own talk-show has never been more successful than it is today. Yesterday, Mila Kunis talked for the very first time about her pregnancy - revealing that she is planning to have a drug-free natural birth.

Speaking about her pregnancy for the first time, she said: "We thought about a home birth, we watched a couple of documentaries and spoke to some midwifes and people, and realised our hospital have the midwives and doulas who can do that.""

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